2024 /25 ECTC Better Energy Communities/National Housing Retrofit - Householder Interest Form

In order to take part in this scheme, please take some time to answer the following questions. 

This Interest Form will help your local ENERGY TEAM and Energy Communities Tipperary Co-operative (ECTC) to assess your eligibility to take part in the scheme.

For further information, please contact your local Energy Team or email project co-ordinator Marcella Maher Keogh on info@energycommunitiestipp.ie

This form can be shared using this short link: www.bit.ly/ectcform1 This scheme is run by ECTC, a local not-for-profit cooperative, with a voluntary board of directors, as a tool to stimulate the local economy, make our homes more comfortable and efficient; and save people money.

NOTE: for Fuel Disadvantaged homes - proof of payment documents must be emailed or posted to the Energy Co-ordinator before your application will be accepted. info@energycommunitiestipp.ie or Marcella Maher Keogh, Carrick, Loughmore, Templemore, Co. Tipperary, E41 KV02. Please note the documents required for Question 7 below. For more information about ECTC see our website on www.energycommunitiestipp.ie

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Please enter your MPRN number

In what year was your house built? (Approx.)

What is your tenancy

What type of dwelling do you live in?

Is your home a listed building (Protected structure)?

what is the approximate size of your home?

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Energy Expenses

People in receipt of Department of Social Protection supplements may be entitled to a higher level of grant aid. Please tick which supplements you are in receipt of.

Insulation is a cost effective way of reducing your energy bills. Does your house have insulation?

If you answered "yes" to "Does your house have insulation", when was it installed?

Have you already availed of an SEAI energy efficiency scheme?

If you answer "Yes" to "Have you already availed of an SEAI energy efficiency scheme", please state when and what work was carried out

Which insulation/energy efficiency measures would you like to have carried out on your homes? *

QUESTION ONLY FOR HOUSEHOLDERS NOT ON FUEL ALLOWANCE - If you were to upgrade your home, how would you finance 65% of the cost (grant would cover up to 35%)?

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Additional information

How did you hear about the scheme? (If from a personal contact, please give name of person in the "Other" column)

Any other comments?

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